Future Green Studio


Manhattan, NY

Utilizing themes of material reuse and urban infill, this custom design and fabricated system of wood terraced planters transforms an underutilized rooftop pool into a dynamic private dining experience.

This retrofitted rooftop pool is the site of a new farm-to-table restaurant, the Press Lounge which sits on the 19th floor of the Ink hotel on 48th Street and 11th Avenue, with breathtaking views in all directions.

Inspired by the structure if a sushi mat with flexibility in one direction and rigidity in the other, the mat rolls fluidly from deck to bench to planter to wall. In an effort to make the project sustainable and cost effective, ipe wood decking was salvaged from a recent renovation and repurposed.

The planting palette was selected after consultations with the restaurant’s chef, professional forager and a rooftop farmer consultant in order to orchestrate the edible garden with the seasonal food and drink menus.

Photo Credit: K•Taro Hashimura

  • May 2012

  • 375 square feet


  • The Press Lounge


  • Farming Up