Future Green Studio



30 Journal Square, historic home of the Jersey Journal, is located in the heart of Jersey City, a hub that is currently being re envisioned by local developers and designers. The historic façade and logo is maintained, acting as an armature for green and a gateway to the retail corridor and park beyond. Remnants of the Jersey Journal’s headquarters remain, with I Beams creating outdoor rooms, as ghosted gridded remains filter out into the park with embedded paving accents, platform benches and lighting armatures. Material reuse, and historic traces harness the identity of the printing press, and provide a unique, sensibility to the landscape. Operating as a flexible programmatic space for markets, outdoor cafes, with a bandstand for concerts or daytime yoga sessions, and an amphitheater for people watching, 30 Journal Square is a thoroughfare and pocket park of recreational diversity.

  • March 2019

  • 14000 square feet


  • Kushner Companies


  • Morris Adjmi Architects