Future Green Studio


Manhattan, NY

This dramatic new luxury residential building located just off of 9th Avenue and the Meatpacking district is the new landmark project from DDG architects and developers. The building features a unique integration of landscape into the built environment with a heavily planted entrance canopy, long linear window boxes integrated into the facade and a lush roof garden with perennials and meadow grasses. The planting palette picks up off of the neighboring High Line aesthetic and creates a sense of wild in contrast with sleek lines of the custom architectural brickwork. Rangy, resilient, drought tolerant native plants were specified to keep the landscape maintenance low while helping to foster the building’s edgy identity and provide wildlife habitat.

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Photo Credit: K•Taro Hashimura

  • April 2013

  • 8000 square feet


  • DDG Partners


  • DDG
  • Future Perfect