Future Green Studio


Washington, DC

Atlantic Plumbing Residences is a 400 unit, high-end residential and retail project located in Washington DC’s post-industrial Northwest Quarter on the old site of the Atlantic Plumbing Suppliers. Conceptually, the landscape draws from found elements of an industrial history along with elements from its current condition of abandonment. A collection of brick and steel buildings has been colonized by a hardy array of wild urban plants. The planting palette specifically reflects this spontaneous condition and pairs it with plants from Virginia’s natural ecology.

The landscape at Atlantic Plumbing is more than a ground condition and manifests in a series of rooftop gardens, a four-story high green wall, a steel exoskeleton that doubles as a trellis for climbing plants, and a series of window boxes that are integrated into the building’s façade.

On the roof, a bar and pool area with custom-made wooden steps provide residents with unique views of both downtown D.C. and of trendy crowds outside of neighboring indie rock venue, the 9:30 Club. In an effort to cultivate this edgy crowd, activate community interest and to attract creative young individuals from nearby Howard University, the developer has offered artists and other small local businesses one year’s free rent in their ground floor units. To complement and enhance this proposed street-level programming, a series of street trees and urban meadows in corten planters will line the adjoining streets.

  • February 2013

  • 13000 square feet


  • JBG Construction Mgmt


  • Morris Adjmi Architects