Future Green Studio


Manhattan, NY

The design for this residential building clad in entirely locally-sourced bluestone occupies a distinct spot on a notable NOHO block. The project echoes the historic character of the neighborhood while drawing its inspiration from the designers’ trips to the stone quarry where naturally striated layers of sedimentary bluestone offered opportunities for spontaneous vegetation to take root.

The project’s key identity is the integration of building and landscape and includes window boxes and loggia, a planted marquee, balconies, a green roof, parapet planters, and a rear garden.

The planting scheme emphasizes texture and form, mixing a contemporary with a fancifully rugged style. For the balcony gardens, given the intimacy of the outdoor and living space, the plantings perform in concert with the décor throughout all the seasons.

Photo Credit: K•Taro Hashimura

  • October 2011

  • 3000 square feet


  • DDG Partners


  • DDG