Future Green Studio


Brooklyn, NY

Future Green Studio is excited to announce the rooftop space refurbishment of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum in collaboration with Toshiko Mori Architect and ARUP. In response to the museum’s diverse programming needs, the landscape design incorporates movable features to allow for flexibility whilst providing fixed elements to serve as multi-purpose anchors for various events. The space is loosely broken into different programmatic spaces: The Native Woodland, a natural learning and exploration environment, The Green, a space for free play, The Lounge, a place of flexible outdoor furnishing for children and adults, and an outdoor dining area with picnic and café tables. Planting is introduced as an interactive, educational tool as well as a shade device to provide thermal comfort in the most exposed areas of the rooftop. Set for completion Spring 2015, it is envisioned that in its Pilot Year, the 20,000 square foot rooftop space will accommodate events ranging from children's performances to weekend weddings.

  • May 2015

  • 20000 square feet


  • Brooklyn Children's Museum


  • ARUP
  • Site Master, Inc.
  • Toshiko Mori Architect