Future Green Studio


Brooklyn, NY

A veritable oasis of greenery amidst the greater Bushwick area, the design for Castle Braid’s courtyard echoes the angular, refracted lines of the architecture and reflects the client’s vision to blend Brooklyn’s past and hip future. This rapidly developing area of edgy Brooklyn attracts artists and musicians as catalysts of an impending demographic change.

Due to the post-industrial nature of the site, the entire courtyard drainage and soil profile had to be reengineered and restructured prior to creating the garden. The verdant features evoke an urban rusticity and include 25 foot honey locust trees, a living green wall, and earthen landform cones of groundcover plants that provide an organizing structure to one of the garden areas.

A black locust deck, a multimedia art TV wall, a bocce court, and unique garden areas accompanied by ample benches, tables, chairs, porch swings and hammock create spaces for play and relaxing. In-ground LED lighting illuminates the courtyard and garden terrain as day transitions to night.

  • May 2009

  • 6400 square feet


  • Mayer Schwartz


  • Durukan Design