Future Green Studio

Gallaudet University

Washington, D.C.

Developed in collaboration with Morris Adjmi Architects and JBG Companies, the masterplan for Gallaudet University's 6th Street NE envisions a vibrant, diverse mixed-use development that bridges the adjacent residential neighborhood with the historically inwardly-focused campus through a series of connective open corridors and green spaces. The plan evolved through a robust community process. A series of interactive, graphic playing cards were shared with stakeholders during workshop sessions in order to engage users through a tactile and visual medium. All elements of the community and design process considered the unique needs of the University's deaf population. DeafSpace Design Guidelines developed by the GU architectural advisors were distilled into an architectural kit of parts that were used to shape the project's open space.

Conceptual renderings only. Does not represent final plans for site.

  • May 2015

  • 6.3 acres


  • The JBG Companies


  • Morris Adjmi Architects
  • Gallaudet University