Future Green Studio

The Met: Roof Garden Commission

Manhattan, NY

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s second series of The Roof Garden Commission: Dan Graham with Günther Vogt was installed in Spring 2014 by Future Green Studio. Hedge Two-Way Mirror Walkabout is one of Dan Graham’s latest architectural, steel-mirror-glass-hedge pavilions on exhibit. His pieces are often created in a way that there is a play between the viewer and that of the surrounding landscape.

Future Green Studio is responsible for taking the artistic vision and making into a reality. The process is iterative in taking a complex vision and making it buildable. Our role has been to create construction details in coordination with the design and craftsmen team, design, fabricate and install the custom foundation structure for the mound, install plantings, coordinate subcontractors and oversee on-site construction.

The viewer has a three-hundred-and-sixty degree access to observe the Hedge Two-Way Mirror Walkabout. Its central, curved two-way mirrored glass is both transparent and reflective. It casts back the setting as well as how each viewer perceives oneself in it. The borrowed scenery is the New York City skyline and Central Park, which lends to a dialogue between the juxtaposed, urban and the suburban fabrics. Flanked along the east and west sides are two eight-foot high hedges which frame views into Central Park. The twenty-seven foot by nineteen foot rectangular footprint of the pavilion is set on top of a mound. The surface material at the pavilion is a blue brushed limestone. At its edges, it transitions to a carpet of synthetic lawn which spans the entire rooftop.

Watch a video on the installation here.

Photography by Hyla Skopitz, The Photograph Studio, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Copyright 2014.

  • April 2014

  • 7500 square feet


  • Dan Graham
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art


  • ARUP
  • Forever Lawn
  • Moker Metal & Creations
  • Vogt Landscape Architects