Future Green Studio

Métis Garden Festival: Transmitting

Grand-Métis, Québec, Canada

This intervention explores the relationship between technological and natural phenomenon. Salvaged TV antennae – reminiscent of a past technological era – are aggregated together like a nest high up in the tree canopy. The galvanized steel of the antennae shimmer and reflect light in the otherwise dark forest. Repurposed electrical conduit spills out of the nest, falls to the forest floor in a tangled mess and wraps around a tree, choking it before running along the ground toward a small shack in the forest. The shack is clad in charred cedar slats and represents man’s intervention of artifice into nature. An ethereal warm light emanates from the house – transmitting the power garnered from the antennae into a low but audible soundtrack that mixes local bird calls and outer space sounds into an orchestrated loop.

The planting design draws on the otherworldly nature of the project with circular pools of white and grey foliaged plants that will create luminosity in the shady garden. A kind of alien planting that leached out of the electrical conduits - suggestive that a strange phenomenon has occurred.

  • November 2014

  • 400 square feet


  • Les Jardins de Metis