Future Green Studio


Jersey City, NJ

This public park located in the heart of the Italian Village of Jersey City, NJ seeks to bridge the historical nature of the neighborhood with a forward-thinking park design, drawing on themes of sustainability and the imagination. In salvaging existing park materials including concrete slabs, paving bricks, and steel bench slats, the design imbues the park with a sense of spatial memory and environmental conscientiousness.

With a winding circulation scheme that brings the visitor through multiple environments, the simple square of the site is transformed into a layered garden with multiple spaces to explore and discover. Playful earthen mounds made from reclaimed fill can be climbed on, napped on, or rolled down. The landforms spatially organize the site while at the same time bring the plantings to eye-level, creating an immersive experience for the visitor.

An overhead network of LED string lights is configured in a playful constellation. In place of traditional pole lights, these environmentally friendly fixtures are hung on stainless steel cables suspended between adjacent buildings. An Art & Memory Wall is intended to function as an interpretive exhibit of historical aspects of The Village through a montage of informative text, signage, landmark photographs, and artistic interpretations.

  • February 2014

  • 6000 square feet


  • Gotham West Development
  • The Village Neighborhood Association
  • City of Jersey City