Future Green Studio

MePa Penthouse

Manhattan, NY

The design for this penthouse terrace focuses largely on its planting palette, which merges the client’s desire to draw from the nearby High Line aesthetic while simultaneously pleasing an interest in more classical landscape design.

So as to not clash with the building’s exterior landscaping and parapet planters, which were separately designed by Future Green Studio, the base planting palette is fairly monochromatic, defined by shrubs with boxwood-like features to echo traditional landscaping. Four varieties of shrubs were chosen, providing the palette with a rich array of textures and tones. The shape and placement of these shrubs creates a mounding texture that reverberates across the terrace and is diversified with groundcovers of dark green and deep purples. The theatre of these plantings creates the backdrop for spring and summer flowering of predominately white blooms.

A vertical garden, crafted by the ancient pruning technique of espalier, artfully covers the building’s bulkhead and creates a sense of privacy. Views of the Hudson River are framed by two distinctive birch trees, which shelter the terrace while also maintaining an open flowing space. A multi-stem variety of birch tree was chosen to foster the wild aesthetic that now seems synonymous with the Meatpacking District.

Photographs courtesy of Architectural Digest.

  • April 2013

  • 1524 square feet


  • Private Owner


  • DDG
  • Dufner Heighes