Future Green Studio

  • Ecowall Site Visit

White Street

Manhattan, NY

The design for an interior grotto adjacent to a lounge area for this residential building evokes the sense of a found location unearthed from the ruins of the existing building. Brick salvaged from the site creates a backdrop for the bluestone and plantings. Moss and vines colonize the brick and vertical cables.

The green wall designed for the lobby will contain a selective mix of interesting textured plants that do well in interior environments. Functioning as the lungs of the building the wall is a hydroponic system and incorporates the use of aquaponics (using fish in a reservoir below the green wall) which creates a great sustainable environment in which the fish benefits from the green wall, and vise versa.

  • October 2014

  • 3000 square feet


  • Sorgente Group of America


  • MVRK Architecture