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From Open Sewer to Open Resource: favela Pica-Pau

Future Green Studio has teamed up with Pratt Institute PSPD graduate student Leonel Lima Ponce to facilitate and further Ponce’s research and development of a sustainable infrastructure project in favela Pica-Pau. Pica-Pau sits north of the polluted Iraja River. During storms the main street in the community is often flooded with sewage partially due to the combined sewer system. Pooling of sewage in the narrow alleys provides a breeding ground for diseases and what little fresh water there is, the community distrusts. Drastic changes in elevation in the northern part of the site creates “areas of risk” characterized by informal water and sewerage infrastructure, open sewers, and eroding hillsides. Leonel Ponce worked with NGO Catalytic Communities and the Pica Pau community to establish the critical areas on site, potential risks and possible solutions through a program of participatory workshops.

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