Future Green Studio


Our studio is invested in exploring diverse and emergent landscape typologies which serve both as aesthetic experiences in the cityscape and also function as integral components of a radical green urban infrastructure.

  • Aug
  • 18

Future Green Studio conducts summer walks at the edges of the city in search for Spontaneous Urban Plants

Last week, Future Green Studio ventured to the edges of the city to catalog spontaneous urban plants for the continually growing weed value matrix and map found at www.spontaneousurbanplants.com. Sites included the shores of the post-industrial Newtown Creek, the declining fantastical Coney Island, Jersey City’s urban center, and the disturbed site of Breezy Point, which was severely damaged by super storm Sandy in 2012.

This research aims to engage the general public in discourse surrounding spontaneous vegetation and encourages anyone to participate in documenting weeds around the city in order to foster a better understanding of the ecological impacts that weeds can have on the environment. By providing ecological information and elevating the aesthetic of the weed through Instagram photography, we can introduce the public to a higher level of appreciation for our surrounding urban environment and the benefits of the often overlooked and unwanted weed.