Future Green Studio

Nadine Soubotin

Nadine Soubotin

Associate Designer

Nadine brings over fifteen years of experience to Future Green Studio. Her passion for placemaking, designing meaningful spaces and incorporating sustainable solutions are central to her work. She believes that human interaction with their environment shapes ones quality of life, and seeks to bring rich social and personal experiences to places of live-work-play.

Nadine has professional experience in all phases of design for both large and small scaled projects ranging from private residences, cultural institutions and public realm parks and streetscapes. Her professional experience has equipped her with skills of critical thinking, leadership and team collaboration. She brings practical experience working with private clients, city agencies, stakeholders and communities.

At Future Green Studio, Nadine has overseen cultural institutional projects such as the implementation of artist Dan Graham’s “Suburban Rainbow Dream” rooftop sculpture commissioned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and design of the the rooftop of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, which explored themes of inclusive nature play in urban surrounds. In the public realm, Nadine is currently managing Half Street Streetscape, Washington DC’s first curbless, “shared street.” She has managed many private residential gardens, terraces, shared amenity spaces across NYC, New Jersery and Washington DC.

Nadine moved to New York City after receiving her Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley. Prior to joining Future Green Studio, Nadine practiced at Ken Smith Landscape Architect for five years. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Landscape Architecture with concentrations in Urban and Architectural Design from Cornell University.