Future Green Studio


1133 Manhattan

Brooklyn, NY


1133 Manhattan is a new residential building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn bringing sundrenched spaces and big skyline views to residents. Landscape areas include a lush 10,000-square-foot courtyard and a 5,000-square-foot roof terrace overlooking the East River. This LEED project includes drought tolerant plants like sedum and native grasses, as well as custom benches and supersized planters made from sustainably-harvested wood. In the courtyard, a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen provides ample space for large parties, while private hangout spaces at varied scales abound along a central boardwalk. Rooftop boardwalks also act as organizing features, connecting lounges, dining areas, and the roof garden, where dramatic skyline views make it a destination for sunbathing, stargazing, and skyscraper-watching.

Photo Credit: K. Taro Hashimura