Future Green Studio


41 Bond

Manhattan, NY


Located on a premier cobblestone block in SoHo, 41 Bond is a distinctive residential building clad entirely in locally-sourced bluestone. Drawing inspiration from the designer’s trips to the stone quarry, where the sedimentary layers of bluestone allowed resilient vines and grasses to take root, we closely integrated lush, textural plantings into window boxes on the building’s facade. A comprehensive planting design emphasizes form through all four seasons through the project’s varied spaces, including window boxes, loggia, marquees, balconies, roof garden, and rear garden, introducing a touch of wildness to an intimate and elegant setting. The facade, along with the ground-floor loggia, essentially function as a public viewing garden, bringing a lush green to an iconic New York City block.

Photo Credit: K. Taro Hashimura | © 2017 Pavel Bendov