Future Green Studio

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Admiral's Row - Brooklyn Navy Yard

Brooklyn, NY


Admiral’s Row – a historic stretch of officer housing in the Brooklyn Navy Yards dating back to the Civil War – has been derelict and closed to the public for nearly half a century. As part of the ongoing renewal and reuse of the Navy Yards for commercial and light industrial development, Future Green had the opportunity to reimagine this landscape for public access, embedding historic and contemporary details into newly-crafted public plazas across this 7-acre site. In response to the site’s location within the FEMA flood zone, Future Green developed a diverse palette of native plants and rugged ‘pioneer species’ able to tolerate the high-salt, high-traffic setting; sophisticated systems below-ground capture and redirect parking-lot stormwater away from the East River and Upper New York Bay. Newly planted flowering trees, including a historic Magnolia cultivar, tie into the beloved Old-World streetscape of nearby historic Brownstone Brooklyn.