Future Green Studio

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Broadway Malls Restoration + Management Plan

Manhattan, NY


The Broadway Mall Association invited firms to present their design vision for the restoration and renovation of the Broadway Malls corridor that runs from 70th Street to 168th Street. Rather than proposing a predetermined plan, Future Green Studio presented a loose framework of strategies that could be phased over time and that focused on the park’s essential ecological components - soil, plants, water, and wildlife - overlaid with the element of our urban social lives. This approach, which is grounded in hands-on experience with challenging sites, will build a stronger ecological system along the entire length of the Broadway Malls while enhancing human engagement with this historic parkway. 

The five miles that the Broadway Malls extends through upper Manhattan serves as a conduit through a series of different neighborhoods, connecting a diverse population and economic terrain. While each mall has a distinct character defined by its micro-climate and planting scheme, there are consistent design elements that allow the separate spaces to be read as part of a designed system.

The benefits of this renovation focus on the ecological gains but the overall experience of the park for human occupants will also improve. The density of planting will be a visual cue that the Broadway Malls is a lush component of the urban forest that enhances everyday life on the upper west side of Manhattan.