Future Green Studio

Jardim_Night 2




Jardim is Future Green Studio’s first collaboration with renowned Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld. These luxury residential units are located in Chelsea adjacent to the High Line, one of New York City’s most unique and acclaimed public parks. The landscape design is wild and naturalistic, creating a dynamic contrast with the refined simplicity of the architecture and includes roof top gardens, a marquee lobby garden, private terraces and integrated plantings throughout the building facade. The second floor terrace includes a combination of expansive meadows and rangey, clustered trees. On the private roof terraces the programmatic areas of the pool, the jacuzzi, and the lounging and dining areas are linked by meandering paths of stepping stones. Vines spill over an opening to the terrace below and envelop the bulkhead, creating an immersive garden with stunning views of the city beyond.

©Evan Joseph