Future Green Studio

neuhoff overview

The Neuhoff District

Nashville, TN


The vision of Neuhoff is a highly curated and strategic preservation of a 12.77 acre waterfront site dominated by a cluster of early and mid-twentieth century buildings and structural ruins to be an authentic, site-derived destination in Nashville for live, work and play. The site is situated just north of downtown Nashville along the Cumberland River and Cumberland Greenway within the historic Germantown neighborhood.

Circulation across the site will be a nod to historic hill towns - steep topography to negotiate, varied scale of open spaces and passage ways between buildings, and lookouts to the river beyond, on which the site’s history will be revealed as traces across the landscape. The open spaces will be framed garden rooms that will each exude its own identity. Existing concrete slabs once hand-chiseled for livestock hoof traction will be salvaged as specialty pavers. Cues from the forgotten, overgrown, and wild planting are interpreted and expressed as gestures throughout the site to maintain the ethos and authenticity of being a found landscape. Plants will cascade from facades, trace building columns, and grow from curated concrete slab gardens. Adams Street will be redefined as a curbless shared street with a pedestrian priority. Four landscaped and programed barges will be anchored at the foot of the site connecting the land with river life.