Future Green Studio

Pool Farm

Pool Farm

Manhattan, NY


At the Ink Hotel in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, Future Green retrofitted an unused rooftop swimming pool to create an intimate and immersive culinary experience complemented by breathtaking skyline views in all directions. In consultation with The Press Lounge’s chef and a rooftop agricultural consultant, we selected edible and aromatic plantings for our designed system of wood terraces and planters. The project features Ipe hardwood salvaged from an ongoing interior renovation in forms that are playfully inspired by an unrolled sushi mat—a sequence of decking, planters, walls, and benches unroll to reconcile level changes between the pool and the terrace, creating an intimate, sunken dining space. The pool’s original blue-and-white tiled steps, stainless steel handrails, underwater lights, and graphic depth markers are left whimsically intact. Diners in this unique environment enjoy a hyper-local and seasonal menu, with cocktails, garnishes, vegetables, and seasonings coming direct from the planters around the table.

Photo Credit: K. Taro Hashimura