Future Green Studio

rio open sewer

From Open Sewer to Open (Re)Source

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


No urban setting exemplifies current global human condition more than Rio de Janeiro’s informal communities, or favelas. Self-built and often ignored by government, these communities have been identified by their environmental and sociopolitical deficits.  

With favela Pica-Pau as a testing ground, a Participatory Sustainable Infrastructure process considers community and ecosystem at each project stage. Investigative exercises including a Transect (mapping) Walk and Community Visioning Workshop have been held to collect community-sourced data. Consultants adapt this data to available technologies; DIY methodology and flexibility of implementation leverage the informality of a favela towards sustainable solutions.

A set of Design Playing Cards profiles each infrastructural deficit and proposed systems, capitalizing on the modularity of sustainable technology to foster interaction between community and consultants.