Future Green Studio


The Met Breuer

Manhattan, NY


In collaboration with Vogt Landscape Architects, Future Green crafted a new landscape for the sunken courtyard of this iconic landmark museum by mid-century master Marcel Breuer. The sunken garden of The Met Breuer is envisioned as a diorama, drawing on two distinct forest typologies: the eastern forests of the Adirondacks and the supercolonies of Quaking Aspen that notably populate the western states. We installed dense stands of Aspen in the courtyard at varied sizes and forms, suggesting an intensification of a naturally-occurring phenomenon. Lowbush Blueberry groundcover brings a touch of softness and wildness to the Brutalist setting, and reinforces Breuer’s original plan for the placement of plantings in the historic courtyard. This restoration project won the prestigious Honor Award from the American Institute of Architects for its success in restoring Breuer’s vision.

Photo Credit: © Peter Aaron/OTTO