Future Green Studio


Whitman-Walker Health Center

Washington, DC


The redevelopment of Whitman-Walker Health, a historic LGBT Health Center founded in 1978, spans a full city block of Washington, DC’s 14th Street, which in recent years has emerged into a major retail corridor. In collaboration with Selldorf Architects, Future Green’s design integrates two historic buildings on-site and draws on the institution’s continued presence in the neighborhood to create a dynamic public amenity in the streetscape that acknowledges and commemorates the organization’s inclusive vision. Intended to promote a healthy dialogue between the institution, the LGBT community, surrounding neighborhood businesses, and the larger public, the design includes a wood-deck plaza at the sidewalk to create a distinctive zone that functions as an outdoor room and can accommodate public art, commemorative signage, and a vast array of community programs.

Photo Credit: Nicholas Venezia courtesy of Selldorf Architects