Future Green Studio


  • Approach

    At Future Green, we bring together design, research, and fabrication to deliver projects from concept to completion. Adjacent to our design studio, our in-house fabrication shop provides the facilities to match our technical expertise. Our fabrication team includes Brooklyn's finest craftspeople; specialists in welding, woodworking, and horticulture work collaboratively to realize unique landscape installations and bespoke garden elements. Our design-build team believes each project deserves thoughtful solutions that are appropriate to the site's possibilities and the client's intentions. We work closely with architects, institutions, and homeowners to deliver signature landscape elements that may help define a project's identity or brand.

  • Analysis

    As we embark on each fabrication process, our team of designers and craftsmen assess site opportunities and constraints. We take comprehensive measurements, document unusual site features and identify potential project pitfalls. We develop detailed assessments outlining coordination items between the trades. Throughout this analytic process, we also undertake material investigations and experiment with unusual materials and substrates. This project stage also includes the development of rough order of magnitude cost estimates and the production of preliminary construction schedules that forecast a project's timeline.

  • Design

    Our team of technical experts transforms conceptual ideas into reality. Working alongside artists or architects, we understand how a simple sketch can be manifested into a construction detail, cost estimate, and project schedule. We specialize in the technical interface between landscapes and architectural envelopes, which we communicate through shop drawings and details that are both innovative and clear. Our team members are experts in addressing the technical constraints that structural load, waterproofing, drainage, and irrigation have on a finished design. Carefully considering all these factors allows us to effortlessly design systems that weave practical realities into built form.

  • Fabrication

    Future Green works closely with architects and contractors to deliver projects safely, efficiently, on time, and on budget. We believe in a linear fabrication process, marked by clear and positive coordination between the construction trades. Our experienced project managers help us deliver the best quality product to our clients by overseeing our team of artisans and subcontractors. Through a collaborative fabrication process that includes – among other steps – sourcing, staging, material tests, mock-ups, and high-craft final production, we produce one-of-a-kind landscapes, structures, and installations for any scale, site, client, or duration.

  • Installation

    Installing landscapes in urban environments can be challenging. Whether it’s negotiating with a facilities manager, planning for a street closure, or squeezing a large tree into a small freight elevator, our experienced installation team understands the complexities of building on difficult sites. Our project managers work well with other trades to identify coordination issues, propose solutions, and keep projects moving forward. Through careful planning, our goal is to make sure every project gets constructed safely, efficiently, and with the highest degree of craft.

  • Maintenance

    The life of a landscape begins when the installation ends. We are so excited to see our design work realized, yet remain engaged after installation to understand how plantings evolve over the seasons from year to year. By maintaining some of our signature projects for their first few years, we’re able understand local microclimates and fine-tune all our designs, maximizing the health and lushness of our gardens. Our experienced horticulturalist and gardeners care for each project individually, working closely with clients to understand their intentions for the space and carefully calibrate the design to meet their expectations.


Art Installations: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Pop-Up Events: The 9th Street Wildflower Corridor
Plant Installations: The Association for Affordable Energy
Plant Installations: 345 Meatpacking
Play Environments: The Brooklyn Children's Museum
Play Environments: The Brooklyn Children's Museum
Custom Furniture: The Association for Affordable Energy
Sculptural Objects: Corten Steel Planters for MTA Carroll Street
Sculptural Objects: Metalwork at 22 Bond
  • Art Installations

    Future Green pairs with cultural partners across the arts to produce immersive experiences and noteworthy installations. We’ve worked with internationally recognized artists to realize iconic sculptures for museums and intimate collections for galleries.

  • Pop-Up Events

    Not all designs are permanent. We design structures and organize the action for pop-up events, including collaborative volunteer efforts with local partners like Gowanus Canal Conservancy on projects like the 9th Street Wildflower Corridor and the 2,000 Gallon Dumpster Project.

  • Plant Installations

    We love plants. Our garden in Red Hook, Brooklyn is constantly overflowing with plants in transition from nursery to jobsite. Our experienced gardening team takes pride in selecting each plant in person. Our horticulturist arranges individual plants in the field, adding a hands-on, personal touch to each garden.

  • Play Environments

    We’re interested in designing whimsy, weaving playful elements into our landscapes that inspire our next generations to think creatively. Working with the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, we introduced a concept of natural play, where city kids are offered tactile connections to natural elements through free play.

  • Custom Furniture

    We fabricate custom furniture elements from our own design projects, as well as for architects and interior designers. Working with metal, wood, and stone we’ve created one of a kind pieces for the Brooklyn Botanic Discovery Garden, the Cornell Tech Residences, and the Brooklyn Montessori School, amongst others.

  • Sculptural Objects

    Our design team likes to integrate signature elements into our projects that will shape a new site’s identity. Our fabrication team has the experience to realize these unique ideas - creating one-off sculptural forms that are both site-specific and iconic.