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Gallaudet University Project Kick-off Meeting

Gallaudet University Meeting

Future Green Studio was invited to an open house workshop at Gallaudet University, where the winning proposal for the Gallaudet University 6th Street Development RFP was on display to the local community. The masterplan includes a participatory framework that engages the local community in the design process, with views to revitalizing 6th Street, the surrounding area around Florida Avenue Market and Gallaudet University campus in Washington D.C. On Tuesday, December 2nd, Zenobia Meckley and David Seiter were on hand to answer questions along with representatives from JBG, our development partner and MA Architects. Students, faculty and staff were asked to provide feedback on the proposal and to contribute their ideas. A robust conversation unfolded throughout the day as an invested population expressed excitement, raised concerns and took an active role in shaping the future of their campus.