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La Central Adjusted

La Central Green Infrastructure Grant


Future Green Studio is pursuing a Green Infrastructure Grant through the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for La Central, a proposed 5-acre mixed-use affordable housing development in the Bronx. Located in one of NYC’s planned priority CSO areas, La Central addresses the city’s larger goal of reducing combined sewer overflow that pollutes the city’s waterways by managing the stormwater on-site, thereby preventing it from entering the East River’s combined sewer outfalls. Across the site, rainwater is collected from all the building roofs and courtyards and stored in a smart tank, which feeds the irrigation system for the lower level green roofs and the at-grade courtyard. The design, which features multiple intensive green roofs, a GrowNYC roof top farm, and an allee of trees, manages over 92,000 gallons of stormwater, capturing more than the first inch of rain that falls on the site and surpassing standards established by the DEP. In addition to managing stormwater, the project’s green areas are a respite for residents, provide food to the community, and act as an educational resource. If selected, the DEP will aid in funding the design and construction of La Central’s green infrastructure system.