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Growing the Urban Forest


Town and Country: Growing the Urban Forest was the theme of the 2022 summer internship, a 3-month long inquiry embedded in ongoing FGS explorations that involve urban ecology and more sustainable building practices. Two interns, Sarah Turkenicz and Soha Farooqui, researched the movement of tree seeds and saplings to nurseries, standard production techniques in the trade, selection criteria, procurement processes, environmental factors encountered on urban streets, urban soils, and stewardship.

The research culminated in a publication designed to spark curiosity and care for street trees by framing them as fellow New Yorkers who, like many of us, have origin stories that begin elsewhere but end in relocation to one of the five boroughs. Growing the Urban Forest is not a typical technical guide; it offers an accessible narrative about the life of street trees that will resonate with both a broad public and professionals alike. Designed as a maintenance manual, it promotes contemporary best practice through compelling graphics and text, including diagrams, specifications, and guidelines for optimal performance of each tree planted. 

The guide serves as a catalyst for a series of walks and talks for area residents, the local chapter of ASLA, the general public, and staff, to encourage engagement with the urban forest. Ultimately, the manual will be available in print and online as a resource for all.